Versatile light outdoor shelter

 You can use it as a stand alone canopy by lashing it between trees or vehicles to form a quick sleeping/shelter area or you can use the poles (sold separately) to make a more permanent looking shelter to help keep the sun or rain off the mess table.

 The other main use  is to pitch it on the front of the small walled tent to make a porch area which makes living in the tent.

When nature doesn't play nice, fight back with the most flexible and complete tarp set up you can buy! Our Tent Tarp provides unlimited pitching options, top notch waterproofing, and high quality materials to make it the perfect lightweight shelter.

 Made with sturdy yet lightweight, water resistant polyester.The tent tarp offers long-lasting wear with excellent water-shedding capabilities.

Despite being so lightweight and compact, this tarp is incredibly durable and resilient to the forces of nature

The Tent Tarp will keep you completely dry, even in extreme weather.

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